Hotel Visits

Emergencies occur and one never knows when they are going to happen. Occasionally they occur when you are visiting from another city, state or even a country. That is why Dr. Daniel Bumgarner will make house/office/hotel visits, to those visitors who are experiencing an emergent condition that has been relieved by previous chiropractic care.

If you or a loved one are visiting the Las Veags area and find you need a experienced, caring Chiropractor but don't know anyone in town or maybe you simply don't have the means to travel to our clinic, Dr. Daniel Bumgarner will make that "house call" and help you find relief until you can make it back home and see your own Chiropractor who can then continue your treatment and provide complete care for you.

Simply call our clinic and make arrangements for Dr. Daniel Bumgarner to take care of you and help you find relief.